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Are you owed money by a debtor? If so, we can help you recover that debt.

How we proceed to recover that debt depends upon many things, but typically:  

  • Who the debtor is? Is the debtor a company? A partnership? A sole trader? Or an individual?
  • How large is the debt? This will determine which Court proceedings are commenced in (if any).
    What assets does the debtor have?
  • Is the existence of the debt in writing or does the debt arise from a discussion?
  • How old is the debt? Normally, you must commence debt recovery within six years of the debt. Or if a Judgment has been obtained, then a 15 year limitation period applies.
  • Do you have any security over the debtor’s assets such as a mortgage or a Caveat or a registration on the PPSR?

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    Court Proceedings

    Have you been served with Court proceedings?

    If so please contact us urgently.

    There are very strict time limits in which to respond to Court proceedings, normally 21 days after you have received those proceedings.

    Prior to someone issuing Court proceedings against you (depending upon the Court) there should be a Notice of Intention to Commence Court Proceedings against you which will enable you to negotiate with the other party prior to them commencing legal proceedings. It is important that you obtain legal advice as soon as you receive any notice of intention to issue proceedings.