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An introduction

O’Toole Lawyers balances excellence in service with competitive rates. Our clients’ needs are forefront in our minds, and we recognise that our clients are our most important resource. We acknowledge that litigation can be very stressful and endeavour to alleviate the stress by providing a welcoming and down to earth approach.

Before we officially act for any client, we will speak with them to ensure that we are able to professionally deal with their matter. We are happy for that initial discussion to be by phone, in person, by teams, or even by email- whichever mode is best for our client.

If a potential client’s issue is outside our area of expertise, we will not act for them but rather will refer them to a lawyer or law firm which has the expertise. Our first meeting with any client (usually half an hour to an hour) will be free.

As to our fees, at the present time Susan O’Toole charges $450.00 per hour (plus GST). Some law firms charge more than Susan and some charge less than Susan. If you would like to compare hourly rates, please call the Law Society of SA on 8229 0200. Our more junior staff and our paralegal charge less than $450.00 per hour (plus GST). Please ask us about our more junior staffs’ and our paralegal’s hourly rates.

Again, before we officially act for any client, we will send them a retainer letter which sets out our understanding of their dispute, our hourly rates, and our recommendations moving forward. Once a client has signed and returned that retainer letter, we will then begin to act for them.

We are proactive in dealing with clients’ issues and advocate for early intervention to prevent our clients incurring unnecessary fees. Sometimes however, especially if it is our clients who are being sued, there is no option but to proceed to litigation.

O’Toole Lawyers acknowledge that accessing the Courts can be a very expensive exercise and hence we will try all other options first.

O’Toole Lawyers appreciate that even with our competitive rates some clients are unable to afford our expertise and hence at the end of this information about us, we provide a list of some of the free legal services available in Adelaide.

O’Toole Lawyers ensure that our clients are kept up to date as to developments in their matters, being aware at all times that our clients are our main priority.

If your dispute is outside of South Australia, we may still be able to assist as we have formed great relationships over the years with interstate firms.

Principal Susan O'Toole - O'Toole Lawyers Adelaide

Susan O’Toole

BA (Juris) LLB (with Honours)

Susan has over 20 years’ experience as a lawyer. Susan has vast civil experience from the Magistrates Court Minor Civil jurisdiction right through to the High Court of Australia. Susan also has experience in SACAT – please see our section regarding Dogs, Cats and Councils.

Susan has successfully completed the Post Graduate Insolvency Education Program (IEP) through ARITA and QUT to further service the needs of the firm’s insolvency practitioners. If you would like to learn more about Susan, please feel free to look at her LinkedIn page, or call her on 0408 553 966.

Free Legal Advice

Alternatively, you can obtain free legal advice from various agencies in South Australia such as:

  • The Legal Services Commission – Tel:  1300 366 424.
  • Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement – Tel:  1800 643 222.
  • Community Legal Services such as Uniting Community Law Centre, and Uniting Communities Mediation Service, Consumer Credit Law Centre (operated by Uniting Communities Law Centre) – Tel: 8202 5960.
  • Northern Community Legal Service – Tel: 8281 6911.
  • Community Justice Centre – Tel: 8384 5222.
  • Westside Lawyers – Tel: 8340 9009.
  • Women’s Legal Services – Tel: 1800 816 349.
  • Working Women’s Centre – Tel: 8410 6499.
  • Adelaide University Law School Legal Clinic – Tel: 8204 2444.
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal – Tel: 1800 228 333.
  • Adelaide Law School – Adelaide Legal Outreach Clinic – Tel: 8313 7496.
  • Legal clinic at the University of South Australia – Tel: 8302 7436.
  • Flinders Legal Centre – Tel: 7421 9985.